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Florida is one of the top vacation destinations in the U.S. Specifically the white sand beaches and emerald surf of Southwest Florida. In addition to the annual vacationers, there are also a lot of people that have dual residence in Florida and also up north. These folks are known as “snowbirds” and they are usually residing in Florida during the winter months and then head back up north for the summer. With the combination of vacationing families and snowbirds, there is always a need to find a local business to take care of a problem or a need while they are in an unfamiliar place.

This website contains guest blog posts from several local businesses that are based in Southwest Florida. It is designed to help vacationers, snowbirds and people from out of state to become familiar with some of the top local businesses in the area. Please check back frequently as new businesses come on board and provide information about their business in SW Florida.


The Effects of Florida Water on Copper Pipes

When it concerns your house, you understand that the parts of your home go through wear and tear of daily use. But you rarely think that your plumbing pipes would be impacted. Nevertheless, similar to any other component or system in your house, the water pipes occasionally have to be repaired or possibly replaced.

Around the majority of the nation, copper pipes are used as the industry standard for most homes. Over the years when the copper piping start to fail, they are generally replaced with a brand-new copper pipes. However in Florida, copper pipes can have a brief life expectancy. The copper pipes can be subject to deterioration and corrosion from the combination of flux and the PH in the water which can lead to pinhole leaks. These leaks can occur anywhere along the pipe, however, when they happen in an easily accessible area, the leaking pipe can usually be fixed without too much trouble. However when they happen in a hard to reach area or under a concrete floor, they quickly become a much larger problem.

A few homeowners might decide to hire an expert plumber to find the leak under the concrete slab, open up the concrete floor to be able to access the leak and repair it. This quick fix may solve your plumbing issue for the time being, however it is a sign that the copper pipes are starting to deteriorate. As often happens with failing copper pipes, a single leak is repaired, then the water pressure begins to concentrate on the next vulnerable point in the pipeline which may develop into another pin hole leak. Realizing the likelihood of this possible scenario can help you to make an educated decision about how to handle the copper pipe leak.

Understanding the signs and consequences of copper pipe pin hole leaks, a complete pipe replacement of all of the water lines in your home is the most cost effective solution.

Pin hole leaks and leaks under the concrete slab are only a few of the signs that you may require a complete repipe of your home’s plumbing. Some other indicators are:.

  • Overall reduction in water pressure.
  • Water coming out of faucets with a rust color.
  • A toilet flushing creates extreme hot water in shower.
  • Experiencing other pipe leaks.

Pipe replacement (repipe) in your home usually includes brand-new plumbing pipes that are installed above in your attic. The failing original plumbing is disconnected at the main. The new plumbing is connected at the water main and ran up to the attic where it will be laid to reach all of your fixtures.

If you live in Florida, the plumber or repipe specialist would use CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) piping in place of of copper. CPVC is listed as 100% deterioration resistant, much more energy efficient and is your best defense against the effects of Florida water.

Protek Plumbing and Drain Specialists is a family owned plumbing company and has been taking care of customers for over 40 years. They are experts on pipe replacement and repiping in Port Charlotte FL and all of Southwest Florida. Call Protek today for a free estimate at 941-575-7324