Many toys remain in demand and only get cooler and cooler with their upgrades such as yoyo. This specific toy is not exclusive for kids too as many adults play them, even competing professionally in tournaments throughout the world such as the World Yo-yo Contest which has been held annually since the early 1930s.

The conventional wooden yoyo may seem to be easy to handle but it could get harder when you try to do some tricks. Freehand yoyos are much more complicated and would require you to practice a lot. Whatever the case is, you will need to determine the best responsive yoyo for you. And by saying best it does not necessarily mean it is the most famous yoyo in the market.

You can find a number of reliable yoyo guides in the worldwide web regarding the best responsive yoyo, various yoyo specs and tips. However, you need to determine the following things before deciding on which yoyo type and model to purchase.

  • For whom are you buying it? Is it for your personal pastime or for someone else? Consider the age of the person you are giving it to when choosing a yoyo.
  • How much is your budget? If you intend on buying the advanced type, set aside around $50 or more.
  • What is your current yoyo skill? This is the very crucial factor. If you are a beginner, start with the simple one. As you become better, take on other challenging stunts and tricky yoyos like the 5A type.

To sum it up, the best responsive yoyo would actually be the one that is compatible with your skills, aimed tricks and budget. It is not always the most recommended product. You will not be able to enjoy playing your yoyo unless you can manage the complexities of the toy.