In general, a scott reagent is primarily used to determine the presence of cocaine base (crack) and/or cocaine HCL. In addition to identifying cocaine, the Scott Regent modified it is used to determine the difference between Cocaine base and Cocaine HCL. Just like other narcotic field tests, this is intended for presumptive field drug testing.

During the test, Cocaine HCL will dissolve a blue solution within the first ampoule, whereas Cocaine base won’t dissolve and just form blue specs in the pink solution. These forms of cocaine will form a pink solution in the second ampoule and a pink over blue solution in the third ampoule. It is important that you watch for the bursting of blue after the third ampoule’s breakage, before the development of pink in order to eliminate any false positives for other substances.

Shopping for Scott Reagent

Scott Reagent is a vital presumptive drug test that can be used by professionals like law enforcement offices, military CID units and drug enforcement agencies. It can quickly and easily identify the use of any controlled substances of such fields. It is important to note that PDTs are only for professional use that is why it must only obtained from reliable sellers.

When you go online, you will find several sellers and providers of Scott Reagent. Unfortunately, not all of them are proven reagents. For this reason, it is of paramount importance to deal only with reputable and qualified providers. Be careful when dealing with unreliable product sellers. They may offer products that won’t meet your needs or obtain the results you need. Proper care and thorough examination must be made before making a purchase to make sure that you are only getting the right products that will cater to your specific requirements. You also need to be aware of bogus products you can find online.